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People are very insightful when it comes to their appearance and beauty. Everyone wants products for a healthier-looking and clog free skin. The reason behind their perception lies within the phase of society that we believe what we see and we want to see beautiful and spotless faces.

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People are very concerned about their Belly fats. In addition, Green-Tea could help to lose weight and burn the Abdominal fats. Fats are mainly of two kinds; `Good Fat` and `Bad Fat`. Good fats could improve the levels of our Cholesterol as they are Unsaturated. On the other hand, Bad fats could risk our lives as they are Industrial-made and Saturated.

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Those who hold space for themselves are likely to comfort others. However, Teaching is a profession of patience and tolerance. Teachers are the facilitators and good teachers serve as an Institution. Putting oneself first could not be something which is rationally practiced but it may just be an assertive attempt towards a good communication and bonding with Children. 

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