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 Every guy wants to look stylish and classy and wants to have that perfect look for every occasion. 

Just like women, men should also give proper attention to their wardrobe and must have all the necessary clothing items ready in their closet which can help them to dress according to every occasion. Johnston and Murphy coupon provides you with best discount on all the clothing items and helps you modify your closet within your budget. There are the basic 28 items that every guy must have in his closet if he wants to look up to.
Just like women, men should also give proper attention to their wardrobe and must have all the necessary clothing items ready in their closet which can help them to dress according to every occasion.  Johnston and Murphy coupon provides you with best discount on all the clothing items and helps you modify your closet within your budget.
There are the basic 28 items that every guy must have in his closet if he wants to look up to the mark always.

White Dress Shirt

1.     White Dress Shirt:
 A white shirt is a must have for all the guys. Elderly men and young boys all look classy in white dress shirt. It gives a very clean and crisp look and also enhances your skin tone. It has a massive advantage that it fits well in formal as well as casual looks. This is considered as the most versatile item in ones wardrobe. You can avail this Johnston and Murphy coupon to buy a white shirt at the minimum price.

A Pair of Jeans

 2.    A Pair of Jeans:
 It is not possible that a man does not have a pair of jeans in his wardrobe. Jeans is that basic piece of clothing which every guy wears almost daily. You can wear it repeatedly and no will even notice, it can be worn everywhere except from formal gatherings. It can be worn several times before it needed to wash.  Look for the Johnston and Murphy discount to buy a new pair of jeans now.

Denim Jacket

3.    Denim Jacket:
Denim jacket looks really cool on guys. You can wear it in so many different combinations; it can be worn over a shirt or simple t-shirt. It gives a casual look and obviously cannot be worn in formal events. It is most popular among st school and university students. Johnston and Murphy discount offers are available so that you can buy yourself a great denim jacket this winter.

Dark Colored Suit

4.    Dark Colored Suit:
Some men wear a suit to work, others do not, but in any case you should have got more than one suit in your wardrobe.  The suit gives you a real gentlemen look and makes you feel classy. Suit enhances your personality and it makes every guy to look good in it. In any formal occasion there is nothing better you can wear than a dark colored suit. You can avail Johnston and Murphy coupon to get amazing discounts on high quality suits. 

Crewneck Jumper

5.    Crewneck Jumper: 

In winters the crewneck sweater is the real winner.  This can be worn anywhere anytime in winters and if you still feel cold after wearing it you can also wear a jacket over it. Black, navy blue, maroon, dark gray are the most trending colors of the crewneck jumper. A fitted crewneck jumper makes you look slimmer. You can get the jumpers in trendy colors just by using Johnston and Murphy discount offer.

 Leather Jacket

6.    Leather Jacket: 

How a wardrobe can be completed without a leather jacket It comes in various cuts, styles, designs and textures.  The jacket must be trim fit and shoulder seams should align with the edge of your shoulders otherwise it will look oversized. Black leather jacket is loved by all. Johnston and Murphy discount are here to enable you to buy leather jackets at good prices.


 Khaki Pants

7.    Khaki Pants: 
Khaki pants are in great fashion these days. The most famous shade is the caramel one. It can be worn casually and formally as well.

Black and Brown Leather Shoes

8.    Black and Brown Leather Shoes: 
Every gentleman must have black and brown leather dress shoes in his closet. If you buy good quality shoes they will surely last for years.  You can avail Johnston and Murphy discount to buy yourself a pair of quality leather at a cheap rate.


        9.    Tracksuit:
 For a man to remain healthy he should jog and exercise on daily basis and for that he should must have a tracksuit with him. It should be of soft and sweat absorbent material.


        10.    Cap:
Cap protects you from the sunshine and gives you a sporty cool look.


11.  Black and Brown Leather Belts: 
All men should have leather belts that match their leather shoes; it is perfect for the formal occasions. Invest in an expensive belt that you can wear for years. Now use can your Johnston and Murphy coupon and purchase this leather belt.


Polo T-Shirt 

        12.     Polo T-Shirt:
In a wardrobe there should be definitely a polo t-shirt. It is perfect for casual events. Polo shirts look incredible with shorts in the mid year, however also looks well with dull pants and an easygoing sweater in the winter. Layer them under a long-sleeve easygoing fasten or a cardigan, or include a freight coat for an energetic look. Your polo t-shirt may turn out to be among the most versatile things you have. By Johnston and Murphy discount offers you can get great variety of polo shirts at reasonable prices.


13.     A Pair of Chino Shorts: 
In spite of the fact that you from time to time wear shorts nowadays, you ought to be set up for the few times that you will require them.

Dress Pant 

    Black Dress Pant: 
It is the most important formal clothing item that one should have in his wardrobe. The pant should be of good quality so that it fits well and lasts long. It looks great with every type of shirt. Johnston and Murphy coupon can help you to buy dress pants at affordable prices.
 Classy Watch


        15.    A Classy Watch:
Despite your job, each man should possess one adult watch: One that has a spotless face, leather or metal band, and looks awesome with formal dress. Whether you go for gold, silver, or calfskin, a well-made watch flaunts your own style, so pick astutely.

 Trench Coat

        16.    Trench Coat:
At the point when wool is too warm, move to the trench coat. Its military-roused great looks will make you look perfect. It is also very useful in the rainy season.


17.    Socks: 
A formal dressing is incomplete without clean and crisp socks. Make sure that you have got at least two pairs of dark colored socks without any holes in them.


18.     Cufflinks: 
Cufflinks adds more class in your formal look. If you are going to a wedding or business dinners, do wear your cufflinks.


19.    A Dark Colored Tie: 
Although tie is not required every time with the suit but sometimes it is necessary to wear a tie for a complete formal look. There should be at least one or two good colored ties in your closet.


20.    Sunglasses: 
Sunglasses protect your eyes from sun and also adds to your style. Nowadays a variety of shapes and colors of glasses are loved by men.  Visit Johnston and Murphy coupon and check out the collection of the latest sunglasses in their store.


21.     Muffler: 
Muffler is a must worn item in winters. It gives you a really warm feeling. Woolen mufflers are commonly used in winters.  


         22.    Hoodie:
A jacket with a hood is a must have for each and every guy. When you wear a hoodie in winters with your hands in your pockets it makes you look cooler than ever.

White Sneakers 

23.     White Sneakers: 
White sneakers are very much in trend these days. Young boys wear the sneakers almost with every clothes. Sneakers are considered as the best casual foot ware. 

Office Bag

        24.    A Leather Office Bag:
An office going man must have a bag that can hold the documents and other stuff. Make a determination in light of what shading and material will work best with your needs. Cocoa, tan and camel tones are generally the most dependable and masculine ones.


25.    A Dark Colored Blazer: 
A blazer or sports coat can be worn with jeans, dress pants, khakis and as well as with chinos. It is suitable for the casual and semi formal events. It fits just like a suit. Dark colors should be selected for the blazer, preferably navy blue. Johnston and Murphy discount deals are available just for you, so hurry up and avail it now.


26.    The Checked Shirt: 
A checked shirt in every color and every shade looks great. It suits well with the jeans and the dress pants and are worn by the men of all ages.


 27.    A pair of pajamas: 
Pajamas are also really important because they are the most comfortable clothing that one can wear in the house and can have a good sleep wearing them.

Leather Wallet

28.    A  Leather Wallet: 
If you are a grown up man you must have a leather wallet with you in your pocket. You can get a reliable wallet from Johnston and Murphy coupon right at your door step.


 While a portion of the things in your essential closet may cost a pretty penny, they are great speculations for a couple of various reasons. The right pieces additionally go about as building blocks for trendier outfits, so you can buy less expensive frill while staying with your great articles of clothing. 

When your wardrobe is complete you will not have to rush to the store last minute to buy yourself some clothes before each event. You can always look polished and suitably dressed for every occasion

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