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It is one thing to write for passion and the other to expect some monetary gain out of it. If you have always been fascinated with the power of words, then you will know how important a weapon it is. When writers start to pursue blogging as a career, it is bound to become a hit (especially if they write about the topic of their interest). However, being famous is not everything when you require good amount of money as well. Read below to know more about the various ways in which you can earn through the art of blogging.

Make a worth

Your blog should not be written without any prior planning, as it is never recommendable. Have plenty of content written before you actually launch your blog. You never know how much your readers would like your stuff. Therefore, be prepared for the worst times and keep a pattern of posting. Thrice in a week is recommended for new bloggers as they may vary the amount of articles according to the response, which they get. Therefore, create quality information with the tool you have been given. You may also refer to some good written blogs such as the one has.

Make a worth

Guest Posting

Unbelievably, most companies are looking for opportunities to collaborate. You might not be aware of this as it would have never occurred to you; but guest’s posts or sponsored posts are becoming quite a thing. You can charge money from people for having their posts published on your blog. Try to take up collaboration with websites of your same niche. This way, your readers are not going to be diverted from the main topic of your website (which interested them in the first place to read your stuff). Try engaging on clients through social media so that you may get to contact with them on a daily basis.

Guest Posting


Although this is an option, which is used for comparatively old businesses, it is risky too. Once you start letting people place their ads on your blog, your website will lose its initial charm. However, if you are in serious need for the money; then you can use Google Adsense for your earning matters. However, try not to stuff too many advertisements onto your website because that can also have a bad affect. For reference, check out the home page of for ad placements.


Text linking

The Search Engine Optimization analysts have been looking for authorized link juice to their websites. They require high quality linkage to their preferred websites. Therefore, just like banner advertisements; you may place their website’s url in any of the posts which you write. This will create a hyperlink, which would let the user click it and visit the website. Therefore, you will benefit from the various ways, which have been listed down.

Blogging can be something to value, which will let you make good money online. You wont have to go through any real effort; just a running blog which has some genuine thousand visitors and readers who appreciate your work. With the emergence of, we present you a number of tips, which will make you, excel in every field.


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