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If your friend circle is full of crazy Harry Potter fans, you seriously don’t have to worry about what to gift them on their birthday, graduation, anniversary or any other special occasion because you have got a lot of options in the form of Hogwarts-Inspired Gifts. It’s easy to make a Potterhead happy, just gift him a handcrafted Harry Potter themed gift which represents your effort and affection, and it will be enough to melt his heart. 

1. Harry`s Magic Wand 


The first thing a Potterhead would love to have is Harry`s magical Elder Wand. Many stores are selling a replica of Harrys Wand at a very high price as if their wand can do magic, so why not make it your own. A little effort will be required to create the wand of your dreams. So, make yourself proud by creating this masterpiece with your own hands. Google DIY Harry Potter`s wand and unleash your creative side. If you are not good at carrying out DIY projects, you can also buy one at most reasonable rates with LootCrate Coupon.

2. Monster Book of Monsters


This outstanding gift will be loved by your Potterhead friend. This cute yet fierce book was a source of terror for Harry and friends. Your version of this book will be on-of-its-kind and will be enough to haunt your friend with its howling mouth. You can see the tutorials to make this incredibly awesome DIY Monsters Book of Monsters.  If you are too lazy to make it, buy this at cheap rates with LootCrate Coupon Code.


3. Golden Snitch 

Golden Snitch

Have you ever thought of making a Golden Snitch? Obviously, it will not going to fly but still, this will be a perfect souvenir for your potter-obsessed friend. This can be your own creative way to celebrate your love for your favorite fictional character. This handcrafted will take your friend back to the memories of Quidditch. You can make your very own snitch by following simple steps available on the internet. 

4. Harry Potter Mug 


If you think that snitch, wands and other items are far away from creativity skills, you can try a simpler one like an easy-to-make Harry Potter. Take a plain mug and just get started. There are a thousand of ways by which you can convert a simple mug into a Potter-Themed mug. Decorate it in a manner that shows your crazy love for Harry! The Internet always has ideas available in bulk for you to benefit from. 

5. Marauder`s Map


A true harry potter fan`s collection is incomplete without the most historical item of Hogwarts that is the famous Marauder`s Map. This is one of the most interesting things to own. Take the inspiration from the original Marauder`s Map and customize it according to the personality of person you are gifting  it to. Recreate this magical document  in a way that it gives a modern magical look. A stunning version of Marauder`s Map can be bought with LootCrate Coupons at most appropriate rate. 

6. Hogwarts Acceptance Letter


The crazy admirers of Harry Potter that always wish to have a Hogwarts acceptance letter will extremely love this. Try to recreate the original one having the same stamp, knight bus ticket, ticket to Hogwarts along with the signature of Minerva McGonagall without even a minor change. There is a high chance that your friend might get overwhelmed with emotions and start crying on receiving this fabulous gift. 

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