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Babies are an adorable gift by God who comes in the world to spread the beautiful colors of fun and joy in one’s life. It’s very important to give immense love and care for positive development. The infants usually need a proper feed and sleep.  It’s a trend that moms put their babies in the swing for a good sleep but, did you ever think about the harmful effects? If no, then you must think! According to American Academy of Pediatrics, mothers should never let their child sleep in swings and if they fall asleep to take them out to move on a bed for the rest of the nap. If you want your baby closer to you during night time use a bassinet or flat surface to keep an eye on them.

In a 2015 study published in the Journal of Pediatrics, scientists reviewed all the infant deaths that took place in car seats and other sitting devices that had been reported to the Consumer Product Safety Commission between 2004 and 2008. They found that 48 percent of car seat deaths, and 75 percent of swing deaths, were due to positional asphyxia. 

Unsafe Sleep:

You should never leave your baby sleeping in swings, strollers, and other sitting devices. This is especially true if your baby is under four months old. At that period, the babies are like little contortionists and may twist into a position that might risk suffocation by blocking the airway. After all, the little one`s necks are so sensitive. Don’t let your baby sleep in a sitting position because there is a maximum chance that their head may tilt forward or to the side at an awkward and potentially wrong posture. 

Alternatives to Swings:

Infants react well to gentle continuous motivation. Try to doing actions from hands, walking, patting their back gently or providing him a pacifier. Some babies are habitual to fall asleep by listening to the sound of soft music from a CD or the calm sound of rain from a noise generator; you can also bring DockAToT to your home to deliver your baby a relaxed sleep on a little comfortable bed. If you find your baby get irritated at the time of sleep, then there must be a reason; such as teething, illness, developmental changes or a noisy environment. Take some advice from your pediatrician to improve symptoms for teething and illness if you think they are affecting your baby`s ability to catch some shut eye. 

If your baby can’t sleep without a Swing:

If you think that your baby is habitual to sleep in a swing and he may not fall asleep without it then, don’t panic! Use it within a limit. According to the scientific studies, when you find your baby falls asleep in the swing remove him immediately. Take him to his deluxe DockaToT bed. If your little darling starts moving at the moment, the swing stops, practice gently rocking him as you move him to a harmless place to sleep. With some time and practice, you and your baby get adjust to this transitional stage of rocking as you shift him. Try to bring the swing closer to the bed before sleep or bedtime so you can cover a little distance more quickly without troubling his sleep.

Safe and Sound Sleep:

The studies suggest that babies always sleep on their backs. This decreases the chances of rapid Infant Death Syndrome. If your baby is suffering from gastro-esophageal reflux and you are nervous that they will choke, you can get relax knowing that infants have defensive airway mechanisms to prevent that. If you observe your baby that they shouldn’t be placed on their back then, there are multiple reasons such as an upper airway disorder or anatomic abnormality, Discuss with your doctor or pediatrician. As the link between SIDS and sleeping position is so strong, your baby ought to continue to sleep on her back until he becomes one year old. You should have a solid sleeping surface, without loose bedding or spongy toys.

Don`t worry because a baby swing is like a magic sleeping bed for your little sweetheart, as long as you are attentive regarding time usage and get strict on the rule of no sleeping in the swing, you are giving your best to look after your little one while still helping her to get some shut eye. Give a comfortable sleep to your sweet honey by purchasing DockAToT deluxe and grand bed at reasonable prices through DockAToT Coupon and Promo code. Avail it now to deliver your baby a dream sleep!

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