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If you have always been the loner in your group, it is time you start to embrace that. There is nothing wrong in being alone; it actually the peaceful period where you start loving your own self. It is great that people do not need another person to support them. People always leave, but there is nothing like being comfortable in your own skin. To celebrate the day of freedom, Chinese have come up with Single days which is celebrated on 11/11. 

The origin of this event started in 1993, where students of Nanjing University celebrated it for the first time. It has since been popular among Chinese people and single people all around the world. The date November 11 was chosen because it represented the loneliness in the Digit 1. In addition, the trend of being single recently gained acceptance in China as it was looked upon in the previous time. 

Nanjing University

The recognition of Singles Day became associated with Online Shopping when the chief of Alibaba started introducing deals for Double 11 and they all proved to be a hit. Research shows that it also beat the record for Black Friday, which had been considered the biggest shopping event of the year. The revenue made by Alibaba estimated to $14.3 bn in the 24 hour period of 11 November. Most of the products gave an ode to singlehood, which included boyfriend pillows and single travel tickets. 

The trend of Singles Day will stay emergent in China, and will not gain acceptance from other parts of the world in the years to come. However, Alibaba is still consistent on hosting the discount deal this year as well. They have made themselves the ‘Daddy of Online Shopping’ and would benefit from this in the special months of October and November. Alibaba’s E-commerce products have become what they are because of their varied range of categories. Moreover, they have precious data, which makes it easier to understand consumer preferences. 


Most of the online brands have made it a part of their happenings to introduce mind-boggling deals for this day especially. Customers actually look forward to the day so that they can get a fair discount on their purchases. All over the social networking sites, the craze is spread for this day. However, people just need a reason to sell their products, which they do with this day as well. 



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