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The night is the most challenging time for drivers. As compared to the other time of the day, driving at night can be hazardous. Most of the fatal car accidents also occur at night that’s why you have to be extra careful and attentive while driving at night. If you also find difficult to drive at night, you can see the tips given below which will help to improve your night driving.  

Adjust your Headlights 


If your car has the brightest headlights, but they are not aligned correctly, they will be of no use. Ensure that your headlights are adjusted to light as much of the road as possible. If you feel like even on high-beam you are having difficulty in seeing the way, align your headlights properly. You can use DriversED Coupon to learn more about your headlights. Take a look at your car`s user manual to know how to adjust the headlights. 

Avoid Looking at Bright Lights 

Bright Lights

Sparkling lights can genuinely upset your focus during the evening. When you are driving, your eyes get used to the dim lights of the road ahead so, if you look at any bright road sign or the sharp headlights your eyes will get blinded by them for a second or two, and this distraction can result in a significant loss too. Don’t divert your gaze to the oncoming high beams. Staring at these glaring lights will impair your night vision, and you will be experiencing bright spots of lights that will disturb your view, even after the vehicle has passed. 

Use Fog Lights

Fog Lights

If you are driving at a winter light, it is critical to have fog lights on. They tend to pierce through the thick fog and give you a clearer view of the road.  Without fog lights, your vision will be blinded by the dense fog, and this can result in an accident. You can also use them when the weather is not foggy because they have high range than the typical headlights and can let you see further. To get more tips on how to select the right light, book your course using DriversED Coupon Code. 

Adjust and Clean your Side Mirrors 

Side Mirrors

Make sure that your side mirrors are properly cleaned and adjusted. If the mirrors have dirt on it, you will not have a clearer view of the road behind you. Dirty mirrors also reflect the lights in a much wider and abrupt shape that will give you a flash of blinding light. Also, aim the mirrors perfectly so that you can see the cars moving behind and can drive accordingly. You must also change the setting for your inside rear-view mirror to the Night or Auto Dim which will make it darken to facilitate your night driving. 

Use High- beam in Dark 


Using your headlights wisely is very important to have a safe night drive. In low-light situations you can turn on the high-beam, it will provide you extra safety and will help you in avoiding accidents. You must use high-beam while you are driving in low-visibility areas where the road seems much darker.   When there is incoming traffic don’t use high-beam as it will block the vision of the other drivers. 

Get away from Drunk Drivers 

Drunk Drivers

A major reason behind the additional risk when driving around night is that you`re compelled to share the street with drunk drivers. Drinking and driving are substantially more frequent after midnight as most the people are returning home from bars or parties. 

People think that it`s easy to spot a drunk driver, yet most alcoholic drivers aren`t swerving everywhere throughout the street as you may think. It could be tough to recognize a tired or sleepy driver from a drunk driver. These types of drivers usually don’t follow the traffic rules; they don’t stop at red light and don’t give indications while turning. Because of such an ignorance of these drivers, there is a high risk of an accident. Once you have spotted the drunk driver, make sure to keep a distance from him.   

You can have an online driving course to learn more about night driving, at the most reasonable rates with DriversED Discount Code. 

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