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About Touchfire
Touchfire proides Ultraprotective Cases that includes 3-D Keyboards, Sound Boosters and Magnetic Mount exclusively for your most valuable iPad. These valuable and best selling cases by Touchfire are available at most amazing rates with Touchfire Coupon and Promo Codes. These cases have some outstanding features which you can`t find anywhere else in the world. 

      Finally a comfortable way to type on ipad

      Are you having fatigue typing on your iPad? Well TouchFire got your back and making typing on iPad fun again. Touchfire is a true labor of love from two tech product veterans which ended up gaining 200 thousand doller in kick startup. TouchFire is a company striving hard in order to make typing fun and natural again and giving a promising product to consumer.

      TouchFire makes you feel like youre typing on a normal keyboard. You can now feel where the keys are and where rest of your finger are. Typing is now more natural, quick and accurate. It gives a comfortable feel while you type which typist appreciate. Well typing on iPad is not longer pain again.


      Touchfire  coupon is a unique product making typist happy again on iPad, it sits gently over iPad and fits correctly because of its side clip magnets. Its transparent so you can always see the keys through.

      TocuhFire coupon is soft and supple making it effortless to swipe horizontally, and also easier enough to reach special characters on keyboard. Yet it is stiff when moving it vertically so fingers can rest on home keys without accidently press it making typing more lively and responsive at the same time.

      Its flexible enough to fold in what ever shape you want and then opens up itself, to keep it folded magnets are placed to keep it neatly folded. Pair of clips help magnetically secure itself with iPad’s cover. It Supports both the ipads,ipad 1 and 2.

      Box include keyboard,storage case and pair of clips(different color).

      To make typing on Touchfire more affordable, has taken part to give consumers the best discounts there is.

      Money back guarantee if product is not up to your mark and life time warranty if product does not work according to what is told. Giving consumer more confidence is our aim and typing experience of a lifetime.  Hope people love our revolutionary on screen keyboard and type more effortlessly without any fatigue of accidental press. Take full advantage of discounts offered by, to make this revolutionary on screen keyboard more affordable.

      Did You Know?

      Everbuying in-house quality control team carefully tests their wide selection of consumer electronic products with quality in mind.