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Play Osmo
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About Play Osmo
Play Osmo is making the life of parents easier by introducing them to a game system that will make their child a young genius. You will have an access to a variety of iPad games that will improve your child`s learning power and will enhance his thinking ability. Play Osmo Coupon and Promo Codes let you have all of these exciting learning games at highly discounted costs. 

      The Revolution In Children`s Playtime can be availed at Playosmo coupons

      Are you angry at your kids using too much iPad these days? Or maybe youre not happy with them about how less creative theyre, Well youre in luck today because PlayOsmo (Coupons) has got a brilliant solution for your kids aged before 12. PlayOsmo is revolutionizing the learning process from ipad for your kids.

      PlayOsmo is unveiling a new kind of gaming device that uses your regular ipad, bringing real world of play back in to our children lives.

      Kids love ipads and theyre crazy about them, which could actually encourage them to learn and PlayOsmo is doing exact same thing.

      How It Works 

      The system is sophisticated yet remarkably simple. You set the iPad in a vertical stand and then attach a small mirror in front of the tablet`s camera so that the lens uses the mirror`s reflective capability to see downward. Then you can play games where the camera recognizes small objects that you put in front of the iPad.

      All the while, a mobile app directs the kids to play collaborative games that make use of both the screen and physical objects.

      One of those games is Osmo Words, a game that resembles Hangman. The iPad shows you an image of something like a bear and a word that you must guess with four letters. Two players can toss out letters in front of the iPad. The camera will recognize both incorrect letters and correct letters.

      If you toss out the letters B-E-A-R, then the player who tossed out the most correct letters will get the most points. You lose points for incorrect letters. Whoever has the most points wins. You can try to solve the puzzle by throwing a pile of letters in front of the iPad, but you`ll probably lose because of the point deductions for incorrect guesses.

      You can play Osmo Words in a competitive Versus mode, but you can also play in Together mode, where players work together. That makes the game work with both boys and girls, as well as young and old.

      There are many similar games like these which could be fun to play for kids and learn at the same time, making great use of iPads. We`re on this mission to revolutionize children games and making it more fun than ever and most importantly massive learning opportunity.

      Bridging the physical and digital

      In this digital age, the iPad offers young minds a great platform for learning and playing. But, when kids are interacting only with a touchscreen, they`re spending less time engaging with their physical world. Osmo is a technology system that bridges the physical and digital worlds by taking gameplay beyond the screen and maintaining unique balance between both worlds.

      For anyone and anywhere

      Osmo Coupons and Popreal Coupons is not just for kids, it has been designed for anyone aged 6 and up, this educational toy can be enjoyed by nearly everyone in the family. Siblings can challenge each other in Words, best friends can work together in Newton, or dad and daughter can sweat it out in Tangram. Kids, parents, grandparents, and friends alike can play with Osmo anywhere, anytime. Even at Grandma house, where there no WiFi connection.


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